A Time For Learning, Studying and Preparation

It’s common knowledge that schools are busy and exciting places, and St John Paul II is no different. Our Year 12 students have now completed their Trial HSC examinations and are moving onto the next phase of their journey as they prepare for their upcoming graduation ceremonies followed by the HSC examinations shortly afterwards. It is no time for the students and their teachers to relax and take it easy. It is time to make the most of every opportunity to finish their time at school well, and they are certainly doing that. Their classes are certainly places of industry and excitement as the students and teachers work together to achieve their goals.

At the same time Bodies of Work for practical subjects are being finalised for marking as are the major performances for the creative and performing arts. A conversation with one Year 12 teacher provided the comment that the “students in my class have exceeded my expectations and I am very confident their major works will be marked very highly”. We look forward to all of our Year 12 students performing to the best of their ability in their examinations and major works, and we know they will be rewarded for their efforts.

On a whole school perspective we have been developing our St John Paul II Learning Continuum so that learning at the college is a progression from Co-operative Learning in Stage 4, through Active Learning in Stage 5 onto Blended Learning in Stage 6. In effect we are focussing on specific Learning Intentions and Success Criteria for each and every lesson in each and every subject so that student achievement is paramount to all that we do. This process was discussed at length at a recent Principals/Parent Chat Group. To this end our Staff Learning - Pupil Free Day centred around writing differentiated units of work and programmes with student success and achievement in mind.

Finally, on a matter of a very practical nature we have now accepted 200 applications for Year 7 in 2016. So it is important for the community to know that our spaces for Year 7 are extremely limited. We are still receiving applications from families who feel that enrolment is automatic without realising that this may not be the case if there are no places available. If you are aware of any families who have not made application for next year please advise them to contact Mrs Fay Lovett on 92087205 at the college as a matter of urgency to avoid the possibility missing out on enrolment for their son/daughter.