A special time of year as "the Way passes through this land"

It’s that time of year again when we turn our attention to the college motto “the way passes through this land” as it’s now when our Year 12 students are coming to the end of their journey with us. Last Friday we celebrated who we are at St John Paul II/Terra Sancta Day and said farewell to these fine young men and women as a whole school through the beauty and spiritual richness of the Mass. As befits the dual nature of our one school, the Mass was once again celebrated at the Schofields Campus with the senior students returning to the place where they commenced their journey six years ago.

As they entered the sacred space set aside for Mass they were presented with their house shawls by the youngest members of the community, our Year 7s. This symbolised not only the journey of the Year 12 students but the continuation of traditions with the involvement of our Year 7s. The continuation of traditions and journeys was also seen in the guard of honour created by the Stage 3 students from our local feeder primary schools.

Traditions are also reinforced and strengthened when we take the opportunity at Mass to symbolically hand over the student leadership of the College for next term and next year.  The transition of leadership includes the passing on from one year to the next of school symbols including the school flag and candle to the incoming Student Leaders, Cormac Lamb and Francinne Buenaagua.

While we look back at the past six years of schooling for the Year 12 students we also look forward to rejoicing in their lives beyond St John Paul II as valued members of a wider community. We trust that they will take with them core values of respect, honesty, integrity and above all, faith into their lives from now onwards.

Finally on September 5th, along with Mr Feeney and student leaders, we attended the blessing and unveiling of the statue of St John Paul II at the cathedral in  Parramatta. The college was certainly a focus on the day as we were fortunate to be the only school group to have their photo taken in front of the statue with ArchBishop Fisher. Truly our college has a great standing and reputation in the wider community.