A very busy, successful and celebratory term for the College!

Dear Parents/Caregivers

This newsletter sees us at the end of Term 3 and once again, we are looking back wondering where the time has gone. It has been a very busy term, filled with our building projects and the great achievements by many students and staff alike. Importantly, the Year 12 students completed their Major Works in Drama, Dance, Music and Industrial Technology, Visual Arts, Textiles and Design, English Extension 2 and Society and Culture. All the students and teachers in all areas of the HSC are to be congratulated for their endeavours and marvellous achievements. We also wish our Year 12 students every success in their upcoming Higher School Certificate examinations and we support them as they work over the next few weeks in preparation for their examinations. We know that each one of our students will do their personal best and will be rewarded appropriately for their efforts.

Last Friday we celebrated who we are at Terra Sancta Day and said farewell to the Year 12’s as a whole school through the beauty and spiritual richness of the Mass. As befits the dual nature of our one school, the Mass was once again celebrated at the Schofields Campus with the senior students returning to the place where they commenced their journey six years ago.  We have certainly had a tremendous amount of rain over the past few weeks and that impacted upon our planning for Terra Sancta Day and the Year 12 Graduation Mass. At one stage we were planning to celebrate the Mass at Nirimba and when these discussions were explained to Year 12 something quite extraordinary occurred. The Year 12 students were not overly concerned about the Terra Sancta Day events such as the talent quest and rides. What they really wanted was to celebrate Mass at Schofields, where their journey began, with the rest of the student body. 


One student wrote to us explaining their desire to celebrate Terra Sancta Day at Schofields: 
“After speaking to many Year 12 students it has become a common thought that we all want to finish our Terra Sancta journey where it all began. I believe we have not fully appreciated just how much a connection we have to the school, teachers and staff and Terra Sancta traditions until these last coming weeks. We have had such a wonderful time at Terra Sancta over the past six years and we cannot thank all the staff and teachers for all that you do. It cannot go unrecognized. The students appreciate all your hard work.” This desire by the students shows that our motto “The Way passes through this land” is basis for the journey our students take through life her and beyond. As we move into 2015 our motto will continue to be the touchstone of everything we do at the college.


Each year we take the opportunity at Mass to symbolically hand over the student leadership of the College for next term and next year. The transition of leadership includes the passing on from one year to the next of school symbols including the school flag. Symbolism is important in our lives even if we are not always consciously aware of it. The symbols reinforce what is important for us as a community at Terra Sancta – care for others, our journey through this land together, and our values as a Catholic community. They also remind us that we are a community which is inclusive not just of those present at school each day but also of those who will join us in the future and those who leave us each year. This year we used the Terra Sancta Day celebrations to induct all of the Student Representative Council in front of the entire school community as well as extended communities of our feeder primary schools. We also congratulate Debrah Osei-Adomako, Jay Cattell and Monique Borg who have been chosen as the Student College Leaders for Term 4-2014 and through to the end of Term 3-2015.