An Update from our Co-operating Principals

As we commence term 3 we keep our Year 12 students in mind as they complete their Trial HSC examinations which commenced on Monday 27th July. Additionally the Major Works and Performances for Industrial Technology, Dance, Music, Visual Arts and Society & Culture are now very close and students are busily putting the finishing touches to the works and performances. We wish them well in their endeavours and ask all in our community to keep them in your prayers. We are sure that all our students are working diligently in their studies and we know that they will give their personal best in these examinations, the major works and their studies for the remainder of this term.

During Term 2 we interviewed our Year 12 students asking them a number of questions related to their study. One questions was “what do your teachers do to help you achieve your goals?” Answers we received included: “keep on doing what they are presently doing”, “they do everything I want them to do”, “more past paper practice”, “more guidance with homework” and “could they do tutorials during the holidays”. In response to the last statement teachers held tutorials in a large number of subjects during the term 2 break with many students taking the opportunity to work with their teachers and other students to further enhance their understanding of syllabus dot points and examination techniques. 

On a whole school perspective our thanks go to the many Parents/Caregivers who attended our Parent/Caregiver/Student/ Teacher interviews in week two. It was great to see so many families attending and it was particularly pleasing to see the number of students who were well presented in their uniform. We hope that the interviews were a good way to continue dialogue between school and home on ways to enable each of our students to achieve their best in all of their academic endeavours.

A large number of interviews were held in our new Co-operative Learning Space and refurbished library.  It is heartening to see that its multi-function purposes are serving the school community so well. During the year  these buildings has hosted EM4 (English/Maths Stage 4) learning days for principals from other schools in the diocese, Year 7 2016 enrolment interviews, Stage and Year assemblies as well as its prime purpose of enabling co-operative learning for individual classes and groups of classes.

From time to time we publish various pieces of information on school procedures and information. One such procedure is that parents are reminded that the school drop off zone for the Schofields campus is outside the cottage. The driveway and roundabout at the main office is not a drop off zone as it poses a work health and safety issue for pedestrians entering and leaving the Schofields campus.

Our Staff Learning - Pupil Free day is being held on Friday 14 August at the Schofields campus. Please contact the College by Tuesday 11 August if your son/daughter requires supervision at school on this day. The support and teaching staff will be learning about how to create differentiation for Stage 4, 5 & 6 students.