Building Upon the History and Into the Future

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

It is nearly a year that we have existed as St John Paul II Catholic College and we have been working towards building upon the history of Terra Sancta into the future as St John Paul II. In particular we have emphasized the charism of Pope John Paul II in our prayers and liturgies throughout the year. At the same time however there has been the conscious link to Terra Sancta. 

In a recent employment interview with a prospective staff member the question was asked as to what she knew about the college. Her answer was that she knew a lot about Terra Sancta and could see the reasons why the college was chosen as bearing the name of John Paul II. But more interesting was her next remark when she said, “ it’s a new name but still the same great school”. We would agree: it is a new name but still a great school. That great school is built upon traditions and the wonderful partnership between parents/caregivers, students and staff.

That tradition continues every day and was clearly seen in the recent transition day for Year 7 students for 2016 when we saw more than 200 eager young students and their families at our Schofields campus learning more about their peers, the College and the joys and realities of a Catholic Secondary education.
To see the excitement on their young faces with parents/caregivers watching proceedings carefully and hopefully, reminds us each year how important this step is for every family.

We are entering into a journey together to educate and mentor these young people for the next 6 years. This is both a great privilege and a great responsibility. We will work with you to guide and challenge these young adolescents to achieve their personal best in their studies and in their personal lives using Christ as our example.

Warm regards