Building on the Past and Working Towards the Future in 2017

Welcome to 2017.  I trust everyone in the community had a refreshing and relaxing Christmas and New Year. The students, both old and new, have arrived with vigour and enthusiasm for the year and are progressing well already. In particular we welcome the Year 7 students to St John Paul II, all 205 of them, as well as the large number of new students in Years 8 -12. We have seen all the new students settling in well and being supported by their peers and teachers who care for them. As we progress through 2017 we will continue to emphasise to all students the need to do their best, care for one another and concentrate on their learning making the college a place which has a unique and dynamic learning experience.

One way of building upon the past and working towards the future was the High Achievers’ Assembly held recently at Schofields which celebrated the excellent results in the 2016 Higher School Certificate.

As we acknowledged the students who graduated last year we look to the future in our Year 7 students. These new students and their parents/caregivers attended the Welcome BBQ also earlier this term where they had the opportunity to get to know their teachers and learning spaces where they will spend much of their time. There was great feeling of energy and enthusiasm during the evening and we are sure they will continue to work towards their goals in the same way our high achievers did during their six years here.

Finally, I am always happy to speak to you about your child’s education or issues that affect their education. If I cannot help you directly, I will ensure you are put in contact with the person/s that can assist you. If I am not available when you call, it is only because someone else ‘got in’ before you, but I will always endeavor to get back to you if someone else cannot assist you. I look forward to 2017, knowing that our faith in God will strengthen all of us as we work to ensure the very best Catholic Education possible for those in our care.