Changes for St John Paul II

As we commence Term 4 we keep our Year 12 students in mind as they complete their HSC examinations which commenced on Thursday 13 October. Recently, in speaking with the Presiding Officer for the Higher School Certificate examinations. During our conversation, he commented on the behaviour and application of our Year 12s as they went about the business of completing their examinations. It is pleasing and reassuring to know that the students in our care are not only developing educationally but are going to be wonderful members of the wider community after school and that they have morals and values to take with them throughout their lives.

We have also recently commenced interviews with our current Year 11 students asking them a series of questions about their classes and their hopes for the upcoming time as Year 12 students. It is clear from the answers that there are wonderful relationships occurring at St John Paul II. We continue to help build a strong community with all students, parents/caregivers and staff.

There have been several leadership changes within the college. As you are aware from previous announcements. Mr Phil Smith is now working with the Catholic Education Office - Diocese of Parramatta working with several primary and secondary schools in regards to improving their learning and teaching.

It was announced earlier in Term 3 that Mrs Kathy Cairns has submitted her resignation as Assistant Principal, effective from the end of this year. Kathy is looking for some other challenges in her life and while stepping down as Assistant Principal, she may look at remaining in education in some form.

After 18 years at Terra Sancta/St JPII CC Mr Ken Wolffe – Assistant Principal will be working with the St Agnes Catholic High School, Rooty Hill in the same leadership role commencing Term 1 2017.

We are sure that you will feel a great sense of loss as Phil, Kathy and Ken who have been an exceptional leaders and staff members. They have been an inspiration to all of us in creating TSC/St JPII college to be one of the most highly schools regarding learning and teaching in the Diocese of Parramatta.

The new leadership model of the College will include Principal and 3 Assistant Principals. Mr Peter Regan has already commenced with us this term as Assistant Principal. Peter held this same leadership role at St Agnes Catholic High School, Rooty Hill for several years. The two other Assistant Principal positions have been advertised and will be finalised before the end of this term.

With this change in leadership we will learn and discover further insights about how we can continue to improve the learning of all students at our college.

I am looking forward to a successful Term of learning. I encourage parents/caregivers to continue to provide me with feedback about our college and ways in which we can further improve our practice. ‘My door is always open’ and I am always interested to hear your concerns or to celebrate with you the successes we have at our great school! I look forward to knowing that our faith in God will strengthen all of us as we work to ensure the very best Catholic Education possible for those in our care.