Insight into the Building Program progress and collaborative learning structures at TSC

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

At the time of writing this newsletter we are pleased to announce that our building works at Schofields are progressing quite well. In fact last week the builders had completed the majority of the work involved in the refurbishment of the library, transforming it into a truly authentic Learning Centre for the campus. With specialty learning spaces including discussion and breakout rooms, a silent reading area and larger collaborative research and learning spaces, the new “Learning Centre” will be one of  the show pieces of the college. We are currently waiting upon the shelving, tables and desks plus the technology to be installed before the Learning Centre will be available for use by the students.


As we have stated one of the Learning Centre’s points of interest will be the layout which supports and facilitates research and collaborative learning as one of the methods of delivering the teaching and learning at Terra Sancta. This approach differs from open learning used elsewhere in that students are not always in one large space with other groups. Rather there are small groups and separate class learning with the possibility of the larger spaces being booked out for other group work when necessary. And we hear you ask “will it still have books?” The answer is emphatically “yes”. 

Learning Centre

The collaborative learning style will also be used in the soon to be completed Year 8 rooms  as well as the new Stage Four building which is also being built. The students will still have their base classroom as is the current situation with the option of booking into these new collaborative spaces when it suits the learning and teaching for that lesson. Thus at Terra Sancta students and teachers will  have spaces that will provide a balance between the different learning and teaching strategies required to personalise the learning.

The progress of the 2014 Building Program can be found in the Photo Galleries on the official Building Program 2014 page.  

Interestingly collaborative learning has been a part of the college approach to education for quite some time. We have seen it in the recent Year 9 Marian Expo which had groups of students working together to showcase the work they have been doing in their Religious Education classes. It was also a very successful method of study and research for the current Year 12 students as they used Learning Enrichment and holidays in group tutorials as they prepared for the Trial HSC examinations. Year 7 classes use it in the integrated curriculum and a large number of Learning Enrichment programs on Thursday afternoons have been completed with students working together. 

In everything we do here we always strive to provide our students with a real education, preparing them for the world they will be entering when they leave school. We strive to provide them with problem solving skills and the ability to collaborate with peers as well as a desire to do their best in everything they do. A real education, however, goes beyond simply providing the academic rigour in the curriculum and life skills. It also develops in our students a social and moral purpose based on our Catholic beliefs and traditions. These two goals will certainly be evident in the upcoming events of Terra Sancta Day and the Year 12 Graduation where formal education is acknowledged and rewarded but is enriched by the Graduation Liturgy which is at the heart of their final week at school.  

Let us continue to celebrate all that is good at Terra Sancta and to know that learning makes the difference in the lives of our community at our college.