Lets reflect on what's happening at StJPII...

Dear parents and caregivers,

As we rapidly progress through Term 2 we should take the time to reflect upon the vast number of events that have been happening at St John Paul II. There have been the inter school Debating, Mock Trial and Chess Competitions, MCS and MCCS winter sport and our first St John Paul II Athletics Carnival. Recently Year 12 students, a number of teachers and an impressive number of ex-students spent three days at Collaroy on the annual Year 12 Retreat. This Retreat is always a highlight of school life for our students beyond the classroom and it allowed them to take time out of their daily routine to refresh themselves for what lies ahead this year and beyond.

We have also seen our Year 7 and 9 students engaged in NAPLAN tests which we conducted and we have held the Year 7, 2016 enrolment interviews for the students from the non-feeder primary schools.  Both events were successfully held in the new Co-operative Learning Space.

We have a large number of applications for Year 7 next year and enrolment acceptances are currently being posted to families. If you know of any family wishing to enroll for 2016 please ask them to contact Mrs Fay Lovett on 92087205 in order to avoid the disappointment of missing out on a place at the college in 2016. 

From the interviews we have received feedback about St John Paul II with parents and caregivers giving the following reasons for wanting to enroll their children here:
- I want him to have a quality education that also teaches morals and Catholic values
- To be able to learn, develop, grow and mature and reach his full potential.
- We currently have two students here and we are extremely happy with the school. We couldn’t have asked for a better school to send our children to.
- From my experience here so far I would not go anywhere else.
- During the Open Day we noticed how happy and proud the students are.
- Our tour guide on Open day was bright, friendly and passionate about being a StJPII student.
Discipline, focus on education.
And from the prospective students we had:
- Members of my family have said that the teachers are what makes the school great.
- I’ve heard from my big brother that the teachers are nice and the teaching is good.
- I like to do dance and drama and that was what I like at the Open Day.
- It’s got great classrooms and it’s sporty.
- I’ve heard that the school is fun and challenging.
- My brother says it’s fun and exciting and has lots of activities.
- I hear it’s a friendly school.
- I enjoyed seeing the musicals.
And then there was:
- Because mum said that’s where I’m going. But it’s OK because my friends are coming here.
The Teaching and Support Staff Retreat and Evangelisation Day based upon St John Paul II and Intentional Disciples is being held on Tuesday 9 June, following the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday. This day will assist in the ongoing spiritual formation of all staff at St John Paul II Catholic College. This day will be held the Benedict XVI Retreat Centre, Grose Wold. The main office will be open only at the Schofields campus. However, as always, the College will assist parents/caregivers if there are difficulties in arranging care for their son/daughter on this day. Please contact us at the College by Monday 1 June, if there are any difficulties in organising care for Tuesday 9 June.

Warm Regards,

Jim Fanning and Phil Smith