Looking back on a great Term, looking forward to another!

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This term we have witnessed a number of exciting and energizing college events which have included our 2014 HSC High Achievers Assembly, the Year 7 Welcome BBQ, the Opening School Mass, the Renaming/Blessing/Opening ceremony and our recent Open Afternoon /Evening.  Each event has helped develop our great great community at St John Paul II and each one has enhanced our community faith formation and educational endeavours.

The  Open Afternoon/Evening which was held recently highlighted everything that we do here as a community with staff and students displaying our school to the wider community with genuine warmth and enthusiasm. When trying to capture the highlights of the event one cannot go past the comments of parents/caregivers such as : “My congratulations to the organisation of the open evening. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. There are some very talented students in St John Paul II, I am proud to say I have a child as part of the community”

 The Open Afternoon/Evening saw 200 families of Year 6 students attending the Schofields Campus as they look to enrol in Year 7 in 2016. Additionally there were large numbers of families with students wishing to enrol in Years 8 to 11. Such healthy numbers reflect the great name the college has in the wider community for providing students and families with a comprehensive, challenging and faith filled education. The approach we take to educating our students is reflected in the adage that we are creating “ a unique and dynamic learning experience”.

Our Open Afternoon/Evening attendance numbers should also serve to remind parents and caregivers that it is important to submit enrolment applications promptly to ensure a place at St John Paul II in 2016. If you know of a family that wishes to enrol their son/daughter in Year 7 at the college in 2016 and they do not attend Mary Immaculate, St Joseph’s, St John’s or Our Lady of the Angels Primary Schools, please advise them to contact the college to obtain an enrolment information pack prior to the end of Term one. Enrolments are also available for any other students who are not currently at St John Paul II Catholic College, especially Year 11 for 2016.

On the matter of a faith filled education we should take some time out of our busy lives in the journey through Lent towards Easter. As we approach Easter we should take time to reflect that it is not simply our educational and sporting endeavours which are important but that our faith in the resurrection provides us with a path to follow in our lives. This path in our faith and life journey is central to the motto we have retained ‘the way passes through this land”. A motto that, as we have said previously, comes from the visit of Pope John Paul II to Australia.

Onto matters of practical importance to current families it must be noted that the changeover from summer to winter uniform for Term 2 is always difficult to determine with our changing weather patterns. However, we have decided that WEEK 1 will be SUMMER UNIFORM, with WEEK 2 being the changeover period when students can choose to wear winter or summer uniform not a mixture of them depending on the weather, with the beginning of WEEK 3 being the time all students MUST be in WINTER UNIFORM. We will put a further reminder about the wearing of uniform in the first newsletter for Term 2.

In this newsletter you will find the Term 2 calendar of events. This provides advance notice of the many events that will be occurring during Term 2. For each event listed, letters will/have been issued with the details of the event. During Term 2 there will also be reminders and updates about these events placed in the College Newsletter and Facebook. The next Staff Evangelisation/Retreat Pupil Free Day is Tuesday 9 June. Please contact us at the college by Friday 5 June if there are any difficulties in organising care for your son/daughter on this day.

To assist with your planning, the following are the dates for the Staff Learning-Pupil Free Days for the remainder of this year: Friday 14 August, Tuesday 6 October and the last two days of the year on Thursday 17 December and Friday 18 December.

Finally we have a number of staff who are experiencing significant health issues at present as well as number who are taking maternity leave as of next term.  We ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers. These staff include:

Mrs. Michelle O'Neill sick leave currently and weeks 1 & 2 Term 2 replaced by Ms. Samantha Camilleri.
Mr. Danny LaGuzza sick leave currently and weeks 1 - 5 Term 2 replaced by Mrs Belinda Judson.
Mrs. Kristine Hutchinson maternity leave for terms 2-4 replaced by Mr.Vincent O'Connor.
Mrs. Lauren Taylor maternity leave terms 2-4 replaced by Mr. Sean McEvoy.
Mrs. Amanda Swift maternity leave currently and for terms 2-4 replaced by Mr. Jacob Lewis.
Mrs. Daniella Bonello maternity leave for terms 2-4 replaced by Mr. Dennis Copp.

Warm regards,
Mr. Phil Smith and Mr. Jim Fanning