Never See a Need Without Doing Something About It

“Never see a need without doing something about it.”

These are the words of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. Mary had a heart for those who were the poorest and most neglected in this world. At 26 she was quoted to have said: “Believe in the whispering of God to your heart. Believe in Him. Believe in the power of the Spirit of love.”

As Australians we all should be proud of this remarkable woman who founded the Sisters of St Joseph and is Australia’s first saint. She has touched many lives through the work of the order and has set an example for all of us. Her qualities of sheer determination, perseverance in the face of adversity, and plea for justice on behalf of those unfairly treated, were practical examples of holiness and became a source of inspiration for all Australians.

The spirit of Australians is recognised by helping mates in dire circumstances, helping one another in need, as witnessed during times of floods, bushfire and other natural disasters, when help is given. We have many instances of courage and humility running through the social fabric of our nation. These are the qualities that unite us and make a great nation. St Mary of the Cross MacKillop has inspired us to continue to do more.

Throughout the various communities we belong to there are various opportunities we may have on a weekly basis to “see a need and do something about it”…

¨ school ~ assisting a family who may not be able to transport their child(ren) to school or an extra curricular event or encouraging your son or daughter to play with someone who may be lonely,
¨ parish ~ supporting or being involved in one of the various ministries that are offered by our parish community, for example considering being a member of the parish council,
¨ sporting ~ volunteering to help coach or assist in the smooth operation of the sporting organisation that relies solely on volunteers.

Through doing something about these needs we are modeling to our children, the future generation, that something can be done about it! As a society we need to continue to look outside our own inner circle at ways we can assist the needs of others and ‘do something about it’.