Our Sense of Community

An elderly person was entering a retirement village and at their first meal they introduced themselves to a number of residents as they were having lunch. While they were doing this one of the residents kindly said that they hoped she would enjoy her time at the village. The person then replied, “I think that will depend upon me and all of you.” What they were saying was that the task of building community needs to be done by everyone. 

When we think about our community here at our College it has been built over the years by many people working together involving students, parents and caregivers, staff and the wider community. No individual can wait for things to go well as we need to look out and care for each other.

Some examples of care at the College have been especially shown with our Year 12s who have completed their Higher School Certificate examinations and are now planning the next phase in their lives. With our departing Year 12s it was great to see their desire to come back to the Schofields campus and celebrate their graduation with the rest of the student body.

At the same time our incoming Year 7 2015 students joined us at Schofields recently for their transition day. During the day our current students, particularly the Peer Support Leaders, were very welcoming and connections were being built by both the current and new students working together.  Again we were witness to a sense of community building through students being aware of others and caring for others.

Let’s continue to build community at our College and also remember that Learning makes the Difference.