Preparing, Improving and Moving Towards the Future

Dear parents and caregivers,

As we write to you the term is rapidly progressing and it is evident that our staff and students are engaged in exciting teaching and learning. Part of this process is the parent/caregiver/teacher/student interviews which were held at Schofields where there was meaningful feedback for work completed and assisting the work for the rest of the year. If any parents/ caregivers were unable to attend on the afternoon / evening you can still contact your child’s teachers for an interview. A recurring theme from the interviews and the class activities this term has been the recognition that with engaging teaching and deep student engagement that all students can learn and they can excel.

 Although the year has really only just commenced we are already looking to the future and so in week four we visited our feeder primary schools, St. Joseph’s, St. John’s, Mary Immaculate and Our Lady of the Angels, with some of our Year 7s to talk about St John Paul II Catholic College. The Year 7 student representatives were asked to speak about their experiences here and they spoke using words like “great” and “fantastic” to describe their time here so far.

The other aspect of these visits is to inform parents/caregivers that the enrolment process for 2017 has commenced. If you have a child in Year 6 in one of our feeder schools and did not receive an information pack please contact Mrs Fay Lovett, Enrolment Secretary, on 92087205 to have one sent to you. Additionally if you have a child in Year 6 in another school please contact Mrs Lovett to receive your information pack.

We have also held our opening College Mass recently with the theme “my life is in your hands, deliver me O Lord”. Fr. Ruben spoke on this theme as it part of the Year of Mercy, challenging each of us to look and see where we can help others in our community. He also spoke of the need for each of us to make our lives the best they can be by doing the best we can in everything we do. So we should care for each other and always strive to do the very best we can in all aspects of our lives.

Finally we highly recommend the Assistant Principals’ article in this newsletter as it deals with the need for students to attend school every day. Attending school can be likened to being part of a cricket or netball team. It’s vital to go to practice and not miss a training session. Without the practice your skills become rusty and it becomes difficult to participate fully when game day comes around. The same is true for school! When a student misses a day of school he or she is in fact missing six lessons and there are skills and knowledge being taught that are important for the next day’s learning activities.
The more a student attends school the more skills and knowledge they gain. The more a student attends the easier it becomes  to gain full advantage of everything on offer.