Term 2 - Full of Productive Work and Reflection

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Our final newsletter for Term 2 once again is a reflection of the busy and productive work that has been occurring.

Our Staff Evangelisation and Retreat Day, held recently at the Benedict XVI Centre at Grose Vale, centered around the Year of Mercy. Staff participated in reflection time and celebrated Eucharist together, they also went out into the community to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Activities included assisting at St Vincent de Paul, gardening and housework for the less able, building retaining walls and laying pavers, painting a community centre, just to name a few.

They were also joined by some students and their families for the day. It was inspiring to see the joy people had in giving to others. It certainly shows what outstanding staff, students and parents we have here at the college, and it is a tangible reinforcement of our college motto “The Way passes through this Land.”

We would like to congratulate the many students who achieved ‘personal bests’, and/or their own goals in the semester one reports. Year 11 & 12 Semester 1 reports were issued earlier this term and Year 7 – 10 Reports will be issued on Friday 1st July. Students have received their Parent/Caregiver/Student/Teacher Online interview information booking sheet for the interviews. You can now book interviews for the times that suit your family.

Go to http://www.stjohnpaul2.catholic.edu.au/and follow the link to the site and then follow the instructions. Bookings opened on Wednesday 22nd June and will close Thursday 21st July.

The Parent/Caregiver/Teacher/Student Interviews are scheduled for the Schofields Campus on Monday 25th July from 8 am to 8 pm in the library and the Co-operative Learning Space. All families are encouraged to take this opportunity to meet their son/daughters teachers and to discuss their progress. Parents/caregivers of Year 10 students are further encouraged to take the opportunity to discuss subject selection for Year 11.