Welcome to 2015 - an exciting and rewarding year ahead!

Dear parents and caregivers,

Welcome to 2015 which promises to be an exciting and rewarding year. In particular we welcome the new Year 7 students to St John Paul II, all 200 of them, which is another large intake of students to the college. As we progress through 2015 we will continue to emphasise to all students the need to do their best, care for one another and concentrate on their learning making the college a place which has a unique and dynamic learning experience.

With the new year comes the new name for the college as we officially take the name St John Paul II Catholic College. As we emphasised last year, and will continue to do so throughout the year, that the new name offers a bright future but also builds upon the wonderful foundations and traditions that have been Terra Sancta College.

One way of building upon the past and working towards the future was the High Achievers Assembly held recently at Schofields which celebrated the fantastic results in the 2014 Higher School Certificate. The assembly was also an opportunity for all other students to see what can be achieved this year through hard work and diligence.

high achievers

Special mentions must go to the following students who excelled in the Higher School Certificate and were able to join us for the assembly followed by a question and answer session with the current Year 11 and 12 students:

 Kayla Abal  Savannah Abbott  Joanne Azzi
 Sarah Azzopardi  Hannah Bartolo  Joshua Boncato
 Jamie Brooks  Oliver Clark  Jane Collins
 James Delfino  Araz Demirian  Erin Devine
 Katelyn Ebejer  Emily Fuda  Jennifer Gatt
 Analise Gauci  Helen Gilmore  Kiana Gonzales
 Janinna Granada  Neve Gray  Lara Iskowicz
 Talan Jamil  Madelaine Jones  Rebecca Krajancic
 Timothy Lao  Jade McCarthy  Kimberley Mendoza
 Marielle Monzon  Katrina Montesclaros  Nikhil Narayan
 Faiza Nasir  Guneet Panag  Lauren Passmore
 Kailah Pearsall  Zareen Resan  Varun Satish
 Sean Scully  Eamon Spillane  Amy Stedman
 Jordan Tuohy  Monique Van Acquoy  Riana Varsani
 Rebecca Walden    

We take this opportunity to convey the address to the community by one of last year’s school leaders, Savannah Abbott:

“Good morning, teachers, students, family, friends and peers. Firstly, I’d like to thank you for attending today’s assembly and for joining us in celebrating the Class of 2014s achievements and fantastic results in the Higher School Certificate.
For many of us, being here today is a little like looking through a window. There’s been a shift in the dynamics of the school, as we bring in a new year with a new name and look to the Class of 2015 and the new college leaders to guide the school. For us, the safety net of the gathering area, though forever a fond memory, is no longer accessible to us in the way that it was, and they way that it currently is for all of you, so take comfort in the support this holy ground provides, and take strength from the friends, the teachers, the peers and the school itself for as long as possible. Though, I can’t say you’ll never not belong. Don’t waste the time you have, because it’ll be over all too soon, I promise.
To the High Achievers of 2014, congratulations. The amount of people here today is a reflection of your handwork and dedication to your studies over the past year, and all of the preparation undertaken even before our final school year began. You’ve made your family, teachers, peers and hopefully yourselves very proud. For many of us, twelve months ago we sat here together with the common goal of making it to this very assembly and I commend each and everyone of you for achieving that goal. You’re an accurate reflection of the support and strength you’ve given each other through hard times, both academic and non-academic and are the outcome of the friendly competition that drove us to achieve our best. I commend you on all your handwork during the Higher School Certificate, and wish you the best of luck for the future and for wherever it may take you.
To the class of 2015, you’re almost there! The next few months will bring many ups and downs for you all, but make the best of whatever happens this year. Create memories, have fun (but also study) and give everything your best, because unfortunately it will be a year of many ‘lasts’. Your school community now looks to you to guide them through the coming year, and from what I’ve heard you’ve already been doing a fantastic job. On behalf of the class of 2014, we wish you the best of luck in your HSC and your future endeavours… but work hard, and you won’t need our luck at all.
Yet again, we can’t thank enough our teachers for all of their handwork and dedication, for pushing us, guiding us and helping above and beyond expectations, as our accomplishments in HSC are also yours. To our families for putting up with meltdowns, both major and minor and for supporting us, we thank you once again.
This day marks quite possibly, the last time the class of 2014 will set foot inside this school. This is a place that has given us memories to last the years and friends to survive the decades. Wherever the future may take you, whether you’re Year 7, or Year 12 or somewhere in between, may it only you bring you the very best of your endeavours and reflect the pride of your success today.”

As we reflect upon the words from Savannah and  the deeds of students who graduated last year we look to the future in our new Year 7 students. All the students and their parents/caregivers attended the Welcome BBQ last Tuesday where they had the opportunity to get to know their teachers, classrooms and the new Co-operative Learning Centre. There was great feeling of energy and enthusiasm during the evening and we are sure they will continue to work towards their goals in the same way our high achievers did during their six years here.

We continue to build on the heritage of the past and look to a bright future!

We welcome the following teachers who have joined the St John Paul II community in 2015:
Ms Rebecca Garay    Science
Ms Allison Gardiner   PDHPE, Science, Mathematics
Ms Ilona Kerestesi    HSIE
Ms Shanice Vella      Music, Mathematics, Religious Education