Wonderful Relationships in a Strong Community

Recently we were speaking with the Presiding Officer for the Higher School Certificate examinations. During our conversation he commented on the behaviour and application of our Year 12s as they went about the business of completing their exams. In effect he said “the students are a credit to the school and whatever their results will be they already have a great start in life because of the way they have conducted themselves”. It is pleasing and reassuring to know that the students in our care are not only developing educationally but are going to be wonderful members of the wider community after school and that they have morals and values to take with them throughout their lives.

We have also recently completed interviews and surveys with our current Year 11 students asking them a series of questions about their classes and their hopes for the upcoming time as Year 12 students. One question we asked was “What do you want your teachers to do to help you achieve your goals?” Some answers we received are listed below and they show the relationships they have developed with their teachers:

Already giving the knowledge and resources.
They are doing a lot now - continue to put in the time and care that they are doing at the moment.
Everything is fine as it is as teachers already help a lot.
Be supportive, help when they can and answer any questions.
There is nothing to do as they already help him out. "I have the most amazing teachers!

It is clear from the Year 11 surveys and the Year 12 HSC students that there are wonderful relationships occurring at St John Paul II. We continue to help build a strong community with all students, parents/caregivers and staff.