An Update from Our Year 7 and 8 Students in Stage 4

Year 7  - Maddie Cauchi fills us in on Year 7's special St Mary of the Cross Mackillop Mass at Mary Immaculate Parish

On Tuesday, the Year seven students and teachers travelled to Mary Immaculate Church to celebrate the feast of Saint Mary Of The Cross Mackillop. We heard bible scriptures, passages and the prayers of the faithful. Through Father’s reflections, we learnt that Mary MacKillop was an extraordinary woman. She saw a need and did something about it. She started a chain reaction of great events. From helping her family support themselves, donating to the needy, and even starting up various schools across the country, so the less fortunate had an opportunity to experience rights to an education. At mass, we sang hymns based on St. Mary MacKillop’s feast day. Overall, I strongly believe that the students learnt and cooperated throughout the mass. As we learnt more about Mary and her life, it has made her feast day more significant for the students and teachers here at St John Paul II Catholic College.



Year 8 - Mini Bites During Learning Enrichment 


Over the past 2 weeks, Year 8 2017 have been participating in the world of mini bites/trial electives for 2018. Year 8 students have over 17 options to choose from ranging from elective technologies, visual arts and music, sport and work ethics. When permanent electives are chosen, year 8 will have 6 classes per fortnight to exploit their interests in other


Mini bites allows students to engage in trials that broaden their knowledge of elective classes before they choose permanently, make more friends as they enter new classes and
to learn about different subjects that will guide students towards their future careers.