Prayer & Reflection: Advent

Advent can come as a surprise to us sometimes, in our busy lives. It’s not unlike the surprise of Mary when she received news that she was pregnant with Jesus. Like her, we take the season of Advent as a time for pause, reflection, and preparation for the gift of God’s love coming to us through the birth of His son Jesus Christ.

The word Advent in Latin, ad-venio, means “to come to.” This special time is considered to be a period of renewal in the Church year.

Advent provides us with an opportunity to reflect on and give thanks for the people in our lives. It is a time for increased prayer, fasting and good works. This special time of the liturgical year gives us the chance to reflect on the good works, good deeds and kind words we share with others. Take the time to remember that a small act in kindness towards another can have a significant impact that we are unaware of. What good works, deeds or words will you give towards another today?

·The first purple candle is called the “Prophets” candle; it recalls all    the Old Testament messages about the Saviour.

·The second purple candle is called the Bethlehem candle to remind us of where the Saviour was born.

· The third candle is pink, the colour of joy. It is called the Shepherds’ candle to recall the first group to be told of the joyful news of the Saviour’s arrival.

·The last of the purple candles bears the name Angels’ candle in honour of the angels who announced the news of the Saviour’s birth to the world.

·The green wreath reminds us that there is still life and the circle of time would again come back in spring.