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Year 10's insight into Bell Shakespeare's Macbeth rehearsal

Year 10 were lucky enough to have members of the Bell Shakespeare Company come to the College to perform their MacBeth “Rehearsal” in the PWS. This performance should aid students in visualising their Shakespeare texts and allow them to understand the story in its entirety.

Upcoming events & opportunities from the Bishop's Office

Upcoming events and opportunities from the Bishop's Office Adult Confirmation 2018, the 2018 Liturgy Conference and Lawn and Garden Services (Help CatholicCare to Help Disabled Workers).

Schools Industry Partnership Awards 2018

On September 12 2018, Schools Industry Partnership hosted their annual work placement awards for employers and Year 12 students at Wyndham College, Nirimba. All of our Year 12 VET teachers nominated a student in their class that demonstrated excellence and received positive feedback from their employer. St John Paul II Catholic College had three students nominated across four VET courses. Read more to see the StJPII recipients for the Student Excellence Awards!

Term 3 SRC Report: Thank you & welcome!

As we move towards the end of another term, the SRC have shown no signs of slowing down! All SRC representatives for 2019 have been elected, including our new College Leaders for 2019, Anointed Erhunmwunse, Isabella Williams and Mitchell Pawlyszyn. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and farewell our current year 12 SRC members, Georgina Davies and Justin Danao; and our College Leaders, Brodie Chidgey and Andrew Smith.

Term 3 Sports Report

Term 3 saw a very successful season for our sporting students at St John Paul II. We had 5 teams make the semi finals, unfortunately know one converting into a Grand Final appearance. Congratulations to all our MCS and MCCS teams for Term 3. Term 4 sport signups and tryouts have commenced for students in a range of sports (see article). Our annual Sports BBQ Presentation is also quickly approaching!

From the Assistant Principals: Important Year 11-12 Notices, 2019 Subject Selection Evenings, NAPLAN and more!

This article includes some very important messages and information from our Assistant Principals including Year 12 Graduation and HSC information, 2019 Subject Selection Evenings, Year 11 Notices and NAPLAN information. Definitely an important read for ALL parents/caregivers - and even students.

Prayer & Reflection: Plenary 2020

Plenary 2020 is the name given to a process initiated by the Australian bishops. Our bishops are inviting people to engage in listening, dialogue and discernment about the future of the Church in Australia around the Plenary Council meetings in 2020 and 2021. “We must become a humble, listening and discerning church. The Plenary Council… will be an opportunity for us to listen humbly and with open hearts to one another and especially to what the Spirit is saying to us at this time.” -Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv

Captivate shines during spectacular showcase performance!

Synopsis for Captivate shines during spectacular showcase performance

Happy Father's Day!!!

(Photos are from the Father's Day Stall held at recess and lunch on Friday 31 August. All proceeds went to Vinnies Australia)

Learning Enrichment: CLUBS!! (Week 1)

Thursday 30 August, marked our first week of LENR CLUBS!! It was wonderful seeing such a diverse learning environment with students trying new things or furthering their interest in an activity they already love.