International Family Day Fundraiser

The United Nations has designated 15 May 2018 as International Family Day.

Here in our diocese, we have families of every kind: nuclear or extended families; single-parent families; blended families and so on.

From time to time, families experience difficulties. It may be bereavement, separation, illness, financial difficulties, problem gambling, disabilities, and pregnancy-related issues. Whatever it is, help is at hand.

In our diocese, we have a group called CatholicCare who offer help to families through individual and family counselling, relationship counselling, financial and problem gambling services for the ages, services through NDIS for persons with a disability, accommodation and help for young women who are pregnant and at risk of homelessness, refugee and settlement services, and more.

Our students were challenged to donate $1 to this cause during Homeroom and as a school we raised $1,102.70! Thank you to everyone who donated.