Vietnam Veterans visit Year 10 & 12 History Classes!

VietnamWarIncursion_1On Monday 30 July, Year 10 Australian History students and Year 12 Modern History students were privileged to be visited by Vin and Nancy Cosgrove from the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia.

Vin spoke to students about his time in the Australian Army during the Vietnam War, following his Conscription. Vin gave students both a first hand insight into his time serving Australia and an understanding of why Australia was involved in the Vietnam War, what the world was like at the time and the experiences of soldiers both in Vietnam and on their return to Australia. 

Vin and his wife Nancy shared both personal stories, photos and first hand information of life for an Australian soldier. Some students were also involved in the presentation, dressing up as various personnel in the Australian Army and taking an active role in the informative and engaging presentation. 

Vin and Nancy's honesty, openness and ability to interact with the students through song, images, video and props from the war further engaged and educated students. This was both a memorable and educational experience that reinforced content studied (and to be studied) this term for all students, Year 10 and 12 alike.