JRS Refugee Talk for Yr 10 Learning Enrichment

Yr10 Refugee Talk (2)Yesterday, Year 10 had two very special visitors during Learning Enrichment to speak about refugees in Australia.

Leonie Dyer began the presentation by discussing the refugee crisis happening in the Middle East, her work with Jesuit Refugee Service 'JRS' Australia in Parramatta, and what we can do to help. She also dispelled many myths about refugees, and how anyone can legally seek refuge.

We then heard from 20 year old Milad Kado, an inspirational refugee from Iraq. 
He told the students about his past in Iraq and then Syria, the war and the horrors his family were forced to endure and avoid. 
He and his family were accepted into Australia five years ago when he was 15. When Milad first arrived, he could speak no English, though had always had dreams of becoming a doctor. He made the most of his opportunity to start again and worked hard at his English and at school. Because of his efforts, by the end of Year 12, Milad was not only the top student at his school - but also the top student in NSW! He is now studying Medical Science in university. 

Yr10 Refugee Talk (4)

We were very humbled to hear of Milad’s story, truly an inspiration to all of us who are so privileged to live in this beautiful country.

Thank you Leonie and Milad for sharing your time with us.