Bantry Bay puts theory into practice for Year 11 Geo

Year 11 Geo 4

On Thursday 16 August, the Year 11 Geography class travelled to Bantry Bay.

The students walked along Frenchs Forest and Bantry Bay National Park and were then able to test creeks in both areas.

With the help of their guide (Don from AUSECO), they looked for exotic plants, animals, tested for water pH levels, phosphate, turbidity and conductivity.

After receiving the results, students were able to compare the two creeks and further their knowledge about the effect of pollution from both human activity and natural features.

Distinguishing between disturbed and natural catchments, students discovered that the natural creek located further away from urbanisation was tested to be cleaner. Whereas the disturbed creek was tested dirtier.

Throughout the day, students also explored the pH levels of the soil as well as the number of different materials found in the soil such as clay, silt and sand. This will help their studies immensely as they move into Year 12 next term!

Year 11 Geo 3

Students explored their way through the different bushes surrounding Bantry Bay to get to the creeks. Walking through the bush was challenging but a great experience, as it wasn’t something the students were able to encounter often.

Students stopped along the way to have lunch while enjoying a magnificent view of the Bay.

As they headed back up to the classroom, students filled out their ‘Biophysical Interactions’ booklet, which they will use in class as a helpful study resource.

“This excursion was very insightful as we were able to learn about the different effects pollution has on our environment and how to effectively reduce it.” - Isabella Morales

(Article written by Emily Noble, Isabella Morales & Stephanie Ceh)

Year 11 Geo 1

Year 11 Geo 2