StJPII/Terra Sancta Day & Graduation: Year 12s thoughts

As most would know, StJPII recently congratulated and farewelled yet another successful Year 12 cohort at the StJPII Terra Sancta Day and Graduation Ceremony.

Carnival rides and market stalls aside, StJPII/Terra Sancta Day is always a very meaningful and symbolic day for the graduating class of that particular year. 

Not only does it mark Year 12s last official day of high school, but it represents the journey through the land of StJPII they have made over the last 7 years, and more so their 13 years of education. 

It recognises the young adults they have become, the endless support from their families over the years, the friendships that have flourished and the wisdom they have gained as they prepare to contribute as young adults of the wider community. 

Students held their heads with pride from the Graduation Mass shared with the entire College to cutting the graduation cake and partying as the seniors of the College on StJPII Terra Sancta Day.

Then after years of hard work and homework, it finally came the time where your name is called at the Graduation Ceremony, and behind the bright lights and your cheesy smile as the audience stares at you, you think to yourself - I made it. 

Rather than give you a recount of events, we thought readers would truly understand the significance of these events by hearing from the students themselves.

Terra Sancta/StJPII day was a wonderful day to commemorate and remember us as the graduating class of 2018. The day was filled with laughter, tears and happiness. Through the years of sitting at the mass for 6 years thinking “when will this be me?” flashed before my own eyes. Finally getting to walk “through this land” with the people I adore and have made so many memories with, is something I will truly never forget. Overall, graduation was spectacular and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else but the people I have stuck by with since 2013!! - Georgina


It's so weird to know that Terra day was ours this year and finally over. It's just come and gone like that. We were all so excited and so keen to graduate but we've all sort've got a reality check that there really is no school anymore and that we actually need to adult. Cherish your time at school because before you know it you'll be done! - Abbey

An album of photos will soon be uploaded to our StJPII Facebook page!