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The Recycle Project Nirimba Campus

This week at Nirimba Campus Stage 6 SRC are launching 'The Recycle Project.' This was inspired by The NSW State Gov. launch of the Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) in late 2017 in an effort to address drink container litter, which makes up 44% of the volume of all litter in the state.

St John Paul II students bid to receive the 2019 NSW Premier’s ANZAC Memorial Scholarship!

St John Paul II Catholic College Schofields has been selected as one of the recipients of the NSW Premier’s ANZAC Memorial Scholarships for 2019. Read more...

WATCH: StJPII Swimming Carnival 2019

Monday 4th March was our St John Paul II Catholic College annual Swimming Carnival. Well done to all our students on an outstanding day of participation. Thank you to all the parents and caregivers for coming out to support the students. Good luck all our boys and girls who will be competing at the next level of carnivals over the coming weeks!

Welcome to the SRC Corner 2019! (Term 1)

The StJPII SRC has been super busy so far in 2019! The SRC Corner update summaries all of their great work and news for the StJPII community.

StJPII Creative and Performing Arts Update - Term 1

Our school Open Night on Monday 11th March saw over 30 CAPA students share their talents with our community in order to showcase the fantastic Creative and Performing Arts opportunities we have at StJPII. Our ‘Acts of Autumn’ lunchtime concert on Thursday 21st also showcased many more of our talented performers, with students performing for our 7-10 students. A special welcome to the many new students who have enrolled in our Instrument Program for 2019.

Term 1 Sports Update

A busy start for sport at St John Paul II Catholic College throughout term 1. Our boys continued their Cricket and Basketball seasons from term 4 last year while our girls Volleyball and Touch Football at Doyle Park. Our Water Polo girls also started their competition at Leichhardt Aquatic Centre. Read more...

NAPLAN Online 2019

This year for the first time students in Years 7 and 9 will sit the NAPLAN tests online, between Tuesday 14 May and Friday 24 May 2019. The move to online testing will provide more detailed student data, due to the tailored testing approach. This means students will be asked a set of questions that match their achievement level and the questions they are asked are determined by their demonstrated ability. Tests will be scheduled at St John Paul II in the first week of testing, allowing time for any missed tests to be completed in the second week of testing.

Year 10 Visual Arts learn French Plein air

Students from Mrs Brooks year 10 Visual Arts class learnt about the concept of 'Plein air' a French expression for painting outdoors revolutionised by the Impressionist artists whom left the four walls of their studios and started painting in open fields, landscapes and surroundings. Students photographed and drew a locale within the STJPII community and will continue to work on this to create a triptych (artwork stretched over three panels) style artwork.

Erosion in the Year 10 Geography classroom

Year 10 Geography students had the opportunity to experience erosion in the classroom. Students have been studying changing environments and have just started to focus on coasts as our environment of focus. Over the past few weeks we have discussed the biophysical processes that take place in coastal environments and so as to make the experience a little more realistic and with the help of the science department and their resources, we were able to recreate erosional processes, with a focus on waves and their erosional capacity.

Year 7 MSP hit the road

Year 7 MSP students have been counting cars outside the school to determine which colour of car is the most common on Hambledon Road. The students collected their own data to identify variables that may affect it. We practised our graph drawing skills to help present the data.