Setting Goals for 2017

Welcome back to all students and family in 2017. If I can begin with any advice, it would be to remember to try your best whatever year group your in.

 A special mention must also be made of our Year 12  students who have an important year ahead of them! My advice to this group is to settle back into your study patterns as soon as possible, as this year will go very quickly. Set your sights high and aim to do the best you can.

If you need some advice on what and where to study next year please come and see me; the choices out there are many.

One of the advantages of setting a goal is that it helps to motivate you. Many students who have achieved good results at this school have often set themselves a realistic goal and combined this with a good study program. Regular study habits will help you stay on top of your work and decrease stress levels.  In the long run it will ensure  pleasing results in the HSC.

Remember you don’t necessarily have to study hard but you do have to study SMART!

I look forward to meeting our students and parents/caregivers as the year progresses.