Useful Links - How to Prepare, How to Survive, How to Study Smarter

How to survive year 12

Starting Year 12 this year? Click this link to find out how to survive the year:

The Good University guide also gives tips on how to survive year 12. Click here to find out more:


How to prepare for year 12

Want to get a head start for year 12? Study TV host Rowan, a Sydney University Graduate of Law, has compiled a number of tips in multiple YouTube videos, on his channel, about how to prepare for year 12. Click this link to find out more:

For videos and interviews with top students who reveal how they achieved their amazing academic success head over to:

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Study smarter this year

Wanting to study smarter this year? Watch this video summarising Marty Lobdells “Study Less Study Smart” video. Watch here:

For tips on studying throughout all areas of education, whether high school or university, Subscribe to Thomas Frank (College Info Geek) here on YouTube: