Another Year - What's Changed?

Another Year

“Time flies”. This year is almost gone. What changes have you seen in your children? What growth? What stumbles and mistakes? What challenges have been met? What remains to be learned in the years to come?
It’s good to review progress, and especially so if there have been problems. We know that problems and setbacks and doubts loom larger in our minds than the less noticeable steps taken towards maturity and responsibility and competence.
Some kids have taken up a paid job and made a go of it.
Some have started a new sport or activity like drama or dance.
Some have given a speech successfully for the first time.
Some have taken the first steps in a special relationship.
Some have earned a better grade than ever before.
Some have learned how to apologise and make up.
Some have grown in their spiritual life.
Some have maintained excellence in an area where they’ve always done well.
Some have adjusted to big changes in their family.
Some have bounced back from loss and disappointment.
Some have started to think beyond the near-term and imagined the life they really want.
Some have strengthened their desire to make a difference in the world.
Some have learned to balance their time better.
Some have found positive ways to manage their distress.
Some have worked hard to come to school more often.
Some have improved at being organised and planning ahead.
Some have been there for family members and friends when there’s trouble.
Some have gone to counselling to find the help they needed.
Some have formed a good relationship with a teacher.
Some have hung on when a lot has been against them.
Some have given time and talent to make our school better.
Some have learned what they do and don’t want in a relationship.
Some have kept their cool when provoked.
Some have started to find their own voice and come to know themselves better.
So how has your child grown this year? What have you done well in raising them? What changes do you hope to see in the year to come?
Martin Graham
School Counsellor