News Flash: Parenting can be hard work! But help is at hand.

Who’d want to be a parent/carer! Oops, too late...

News Flash: Parenting can be hard work! But help is at hand.

Of course there are delightful moments, fun moments, warm connections, growth and maturity to be enjoyed too. It’s too easy, and not really helpful, just to focus mainly on troubles.

Having said that, here we go!

I’ve heard a couple of great discussions recently on parenting/caring. The first one asked: What’s your parenting style? Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg and comedian and mother of four George McEncroe had a lively and amusing discussion with Waleed Ali about the topic. What limits can/should you set? Can you be your teenager’s friend? Hear all about it - CLICK HERE 

Another well-known psychologist, Andrew Fuller, has released his latest book called Tricky Teens, and spoke with Natasha Mitchell about what he understands from working with lots of teens and their families. Also worth a listen - CLICK HERE  

“Communicating with teenagers can be challenging for parents, especially when help is perceived by your teens as interference. Concern can be seen as babying, or advice can be interpreted as bossing”, says Professor David Bennett. Sound familiar?

Do you need to talk with your kids about bullying? Body image? Alcohol? Use of technology? Illness? Depression? Anxiety? There are handy new resources on having some of the conversations you need to have with your adolescents at
There are videos demonstrating how it can be done, along with expert commentaries by professionals highlighting good communication styles that you can use to broach tricky issues and hold difficult conversations. 

Stepping Stones Project: Parents/carers of children aged 2-10 with a disability can participate in a free program which aims to significantly reduce emotional and behavioural problems in children by providing evidence-based parenting help. Register interest at or see

Martin Graham
School Counsellor