Stage 4 News & Updates Term 1 2016

Year 7 Starfish
Starting off the year is always an exciting time at the College.  The Stage 4 team aims to help students feel safe, happy and stimulated at St John Paul II Catholic College by giving them the best start for their exciting journey through secondary school.

Both the year 7 and 8 curriculum offers students regular opportunities to celebrate their achievements, empowering them with confidence in their learning. 

To help every student feel connected at school, the curriculum also features built-in opportunities for students to develop trusted relationships with peers and teachers within a cooperative learning environment. We encourage students to get involved in a diverse array of activities, including sporting events, debating, school band, instrument program and school musical to name a few.

We also start teaching the practical skills and behaviours required for the years ahead. Key skills include using school diaries to stay organised, understating teacher feedback and using college facilities. We also work on issues like class behaviour, school values and attendance – again, helping build skills for school and life.

As always please feel free to contact the Stage team 

Mrs Rasha Fitzsimons – Leader of Learning Stage 4
Ms Amanda Swift – Student Learning Liaison Year 7
Mrs Amanda Saunders – Student Learning Liaison Year 8

The Starfish Story

On the year seven-orientation day, the year 7 students and teachers came together as a community in the CLS. In the room the year 7 students learnt about two very interesting stories called Noah’s Arc and The Starfish Story. Both of these lovely stories represented the new beginnings at St John Paul II Catholic College and how we came from different schools but we all make one community. In the liturgy the students walked down the path which represents the rainbow serpent to put the starfish on the wall in the prayer room representing one community. 
They symbolism was a nice way to start the year.

Dylan Tran 7.01

Yr 7 Welcome BBQ

On the 8th of February, Year 7 gathered at St John Paul II Catholic College for a welcome BBQ. The evening was a great opportunity to get to know the teachers and classrooms. The teachers explained what we were doing in our core classes such as Maths toolbox and Aboriginal Study. It was followed by a BBQ generously provided by the school. This night was a very informative and a fantastic evening for all.

Louisa Mercicca 7.06  

Peer Support

Last week Year 7 students during Learning Enrichment started the process of peer support by Year 10 students. During the first session we had a number of games to help us learn the students names in year 7. We also did a number of getting to know you activities and we discussed values. This was a great day where we met the year 10 students as well as knowing more about our peers.

Dom Azzopardi 7.07

Yr 8 Cooperative Learning

In the year 8 co-operative learning space students are encouraged to work in a diverse and cooperative manner. This encourages students in year 8 to work together and exchange ideas to achieve a common goal.

Elise Corbridge 8.03