Year 7 iPad Day & Year 9 Mac day @ StJPII

iPad Mac Days
As students progress throughout their education new technologies and ways of learning are introduced. This week Year 7 and Year 9 participated in two very important days, Year 7 My iPad Day and Year 9 My Mac Day, in order to learn how to make the most of technology throughout the next stages of their education. 

Year 7 students have been introduced to the use of iPads to kick off their high school education. The day involved a number of workshops for the students to learn the different applications on their device that will be used over the next two years of study, including educational games, digital textbooks, movie making, activity applications and Google programs for content development. 

Similarly, the next day Year 9 took part in a number of workshops based on using Macbooks for their next stage of learning. As students progress to Stage 5, they move to a different stage of learning where the use of Macbook laptops becomes necessary for content development and research. During the day the students learnt advanced uses of Google applications and the many different ways their laptops can assist in their studies. 

The students had a great time getting to know their devices and discovering the many uses they can now take advantage of during their studies. At St John Paul II it is important that students are making the most of the opportunities they have in education, and the introduction of such technologies has definitely assisted in students' learning and development at the College.