Learning & Teaching: Diary Entries & the STAR/WISH/WISH Strategy

Think Pair Share 

In Year 7 EHR, students have been learning about the causes and effects of the atomic bomb on Japan. To show their understanding of the topic, students were asked to write a diary entry from the perspective of a Japanese person at the time.

After completing this task, students were asked to provide constructive feedback to their peers using the STAR/WISH/WISH model and marking criteria.

In this strategy, students were asked to write two positive aspects of the work of their peer and then express a wish about what the peer might do next time in order to improve their work. Overall students found this task beneficial it allowed students to critically look at the work of others and relate it back to their own. Bethany Webb in 7.06 stated, “Providing feedback to others was helpful because it provided me with new perspectives on the topic. I took more pride in my work knowing that other students were going to read it.”