Year 8 Reflection Day - REVIVE & REJUVENATE - 2018

Year 8 students gathered together on Tuesday 19 June to Revive and Rejuvenate with the assistance of a Christian youth group Endless Praise. Throughout the day, the group participated in engaging and interactive activities on the topics of service and dignity through song and music, their personal stories and dramatisation. Students were able to reflect on their own experiences and how to give back to people.

Students were also fortunate in being able to participate in Individual Reconciliation offered by our Parish Priests Fr Ruben and Fr Ever. “The Reconciliation was a good way to connect with God, get forgiveness for my sins and say I’m sorry” said one Year 8 student. Another student said, “I felt closer to God after Reconciliation. I felt as though all my sins were forgiven.”

As part of the Reflection, we also wrote a letter to our future selves, where we wrote what we would like to see ourselves as in two years time.

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‘On Reflection Day, I learnt that many people in the world are going through difficult times and to never give up because God is always good and shows the way.’

- Year 8 Student

By Jared Lesaca and Chantelle Marasigan (8.04)