Out and About: Nursing Home Visits from Year 12 Catholic Studies

On Monday 19 June, Mrs Judson's Year 12 Catholic Studies class visited the Quakers Hill Nursing Home as part of their studies. After spending time with residents having conversations and playing games, students were asked to reflect on their experiences and make a link between them and the concept of human dignity; our college goal for 2018.

"The visit to the nursing home now puts human dignity into perspective, enabling the younger generation to see and view different perspectives of life. We get to experience different stories and information that helps us shape different perspectives of the world." 

– Bree Tuite

"By going to the nursing home, it has really taught me about human dignity. just because they may be advanced in age they're still human and still so valuable. The people we visited were such kind and wonderful people and I hope to visit them again soon." 

– Abbey Dimech