World Youth Day Raffle Tickets

World Youth 2019 is in Panama next January. St John Paul II will send two pilgrims - Claire Lynch and Aly Bessounian from Year 10 and two staff leaders - Mr Lara and Mr Ford. The raffle tickets sold will help fund our two students to Panama in 2019.

The WYD Raffle booklets will be distributed in homeroom on Wednesday 1 August, 2018.

They will go to the eldest child in the family in year groups 8, 9, 10 & 11.

Each homeroom teacher will be supplied a list and envelope with the student's name on it that contain a raffle booklet.

The envelopes, containing sold ticket butts, unsold tickets and any money raised are to be returned to the reception at each campus prior to Friday 7 September, 2018. Students will also have the opportunity to return the envelopes via Homeroom each day.

A total of 560 raffle booklets will be distributed.


1st Prize valued at $17,000
Mazda 2, 5 Door, Automatic, Registered Supplied by Penrith Mazda (02) 4732 2777

2nd Prize valued at $2,000
Cosmos $2000 Gift Card Donated by Cosmos – can be used on any Cosmos coach tour for travel in 2019. This value prize cannot be used towards any WYD 2019 pilgrimage. The value cannot be transferred to

3rd Prize valued at $1,500
New iPhone X Donated by Secure Agility

4th Prize valued at $1,500
New iPhone X Donated by Secure Agility

5th Prize valued at $1,500
New iPhone X Donated by Secure Agility

6th Prize valued at $500
Apple iPad Mini Donated by Campion College Australia

7th Prize valued at $500
Cash Prize of $500 Donated by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

8th Prize valued at $500
$500 Westfield Gift Card Donated by Automated Control Solutions

9th Prize valued at $500
Apple Watch Donated by Catholic Church Insuranc

10th Prize valued at $100
$100 Event Cinemas Gift Card Donated by The Catholic Foundation

Tickets are also sold online here: