Stage 5 Semester 1 Awards Ceremony

This afternoon we had our Stage 5 Semester 1 Awards Ceremony!

Over 50 students from Years 9 and 10 received an award today - an incredibly exceptional achievement!

Thank you to Claire Lynch for leading us in the Acknowledgement of Country and Madelyne Leite for leading us in prayer.

Thank you to Brandon Temu, Joshua Ocampo and Michael Paz. for their exceptional cover of Daniel Caesar's Death and Taxes.

Congratulations to the following students:

Stage5_Sem1Awards_066HOMEROOM AWARDS:
9.01: Laura Felton
9.02: Isabel Howell
9.03: Rayan Hussain
9.04: Jade Steenkamp
9.05: Olivia Campos
9.06: Mohneet Gill
9.07: Elise Murace
10.01: Zachary Zavone
10.02: Hayley Ford
10.03: Jessica Byrne
10.04: Alexander Belcastro
10.05: Claire Lynch
10.06: Monica de la Cruz


  • Year 9:
    Luke Haddad, Maxine Lindaur, Brendan Nelson, Kartikay Rana and Demi Spiteri
  • Year 10:
    Brandon Azari, Michael Hart, Michaela McKevitt and Zachary Zavone


  • Katheryn Belen: Agricultural Technology, HSIE, Religion
  • Lauren Copta: English, Music, Religion
  • Mitchell Dickson: Agricultural Technology, HSIE, Industrial Technology
  • Alyssa Ervin: Religion, Visual Arts, Mathematics
  • Mohneet Gill: HSIE, Information & Software Technology, Religion
  • Rayan Hussain: HSIE, Information & Software Technology, Mathematics
  • Ashley Olsen: English, HSIE, Religion
  • Christelle-Anne Pascual: Child Studies, English, HSIE
  • Jordan Straw: PDHPE, Religion, Mathematics
  • Chloee Walsh: Child Studies, HSIE, PDHPE
  • Annaliese Zammit: Child Studies, HSIE, Religion


  • Nicole Azzi: Child Studies, HSIE, Religion, Visual Arts
  • Laura Felton, English, HSIE, PDHPE, Science
  • Lia Ison: HSIE, Music, PDHPE, Religion
  • Elise Murace: English, HSIE, Religion, Science
  • Holly Zavone: Agricultural Technology, HSIE, Religion, Science

Stage5_Sem1Awards_096YEAR 9 GOLD AWARD:

  • Jade Steenkamp: Commerce, English, Food Technology, HSIE, Religion, Science


  • Alyssandra Bessounian: Elective History, Science, Textiles Technology
  • Benjamin Blanco: Commerce, HSIE, Science 
  • Babandeep Kaur: HSIE, Photographic & Digital Media, Religion
  • Niyati Mittal: HSIE, Photographic & Digital Media, Science 
  • Brydie O'Toole: Child Studies, Food Technology, HSIE
  • Janine Ribaya: Graphics Technology, Music, Mathematics
  • Paren Vekariya: Graphics Technology, HSIE, Science
  • Riley Watson: HSIE, PDHPE, Physical Activity & Sports Studies
  • Rebekah Wishart: Commerce, English, Religion


  • Monica de la Cruz: English, Graphics Technology, HSIE, Information & Software Technology, Religion
  • Hayley Ling: Elective History, English, HSIE, Religion, Science 
  • Maeya Tolentino: Child Studies, English, Mathematics, Religion, Science
  • Harrison Bazley: Elective History, Religion, Science, Mathematics
  • Alexander Belcastro: Commerce, English, Religion, Science
  • Michaela Forster: English, Graphics Technology, HSIE, Religion 
  • Jake Gawthorne: Commerce, Elective History, English, Mathematics 
  • Casey Leeming: Elective History, HSIE, Photographic & Digital Media, Religion
  • Madelyne Leite: Commerce, HSIE, Photographic & Digital Media, Science
  • Claire Lynch: Elective History, HSIE, Physical Activity & Sports Studies, Science
  • Riley Neyman: Commerce, HSIE, Information & Software Technology, Science
  • Mya Salem: English, Graphics Technology, Religion, Textiles Technology 
  • Ariane Swift: HSIE, Religion, Science, Textiles Technology


  • Vismay Bhadra: Commerce, Graphics Technology, HSIE, Religion, Science, Mathematics 
  • Reese Claro: Elective History, English, HSIE, Photographic & Digital Media, Religion, Science 
  • Hayley Ford: Child Studies, English, HSIE, Photographic & Digital Media, Religion, Science
  • Zachary Zavone: English, Graphics Technology, HSIE, Information & Software Technology, Religion, Science, Mathematics



Thanks also to Bellissimo Canteen Services for the delicious food and wonderful service!