From the Assistant Principals: Important Year 11-12 Notices, 2019 Subject Selection Evenings, NAPLAN and more!

“Launch out into the deep and set your nets down for a catch.” Luke 5:4

This scripture verse was the theme for the Year 12 Graduation Mass and Reflection Day. It is poignantly metaphorical of the next stage of their life journey. God calls us to step out of our comfort zone and move forward in faith to be the best version of ourselves. He also wants us to be abundantly blessed. This is our prayer for our Graduating Class of 2018.

Year 12 Completion of course & Graduation Events

This week marks the official completion of Year 12 classes and graduation events. Internal assessment marks have been submitted to NESA and there is only one event left on the Year 12 calendar - the HSC examinations.

The celebration of the accomplishments and contribution of Year 12 2018 commenced with the Graduation Mass and the College feast day on Friday 21 September. It is fitting that we commence these final by sharing in the Eucharist, the centre of our faith and life as a Catholic community. It is also fitting that Year 12 then have the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company while partaking in the fun of the carnival-like activities. The next event on the calendar was the Reflection Day; last collective moment to reflect on the highs and lows of the HSC year and prepare for life beyond school. Finally, was the formal at the Parkroyal Parramatta. Always a glamorous event, this year was no different.

For many of these students these occasions will be the last they will share with any of their cohort, for, as those of us who are older know, despite the best intentions to “keep in touch” and “always stay friends” life moves on and “way leads on to way”.

We wish every Year 12 student the very best for the HSC and beyond and we thank them for their contribution to the College. We are blessed to have shared part of your journey.

Year 12 HSC Preparation

With the celebrations concluded it is time for students sitting HSC examinations to settle into serious revision and study. To help them, a number of teachers are offering tutorials and assistance during the upcoming holidays. This information has been shared with students via a letter and email. Teachers are also accessible via email to answer questions and provide feedback on practice responses. We encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities.

Year 11 2018 End of Preliminary Course - Commencement of HSC 2019

Year 11 have completed their final Preliminary Examinations in Week 8 and are in the final weeks of course delivery. During Week 10 LENR, students were provided information about what changes, if any can be made to their pattern of study for the HSC year. Possible changes are minimal. All current 1 unit courses will discontinue. Students who have studied a higher level in a subject and have found it difficult have the option of changing levels. Students who have 6 2 unit course may discontinue one course to reduce their total units to 10. Their will be a limited number of ear 12 1 unit courses offered for those students non-ATAR students requiring an extra unit to meet *NESA HSC requirements. Timetable changes will be made in readiness for the official commencement of HSC coursework in Week 3 next term.

To ensure all students and their parents/caregivers are conversant with the assessment requirements for Year 12 there will be an Assessment Information Evening Tuesday 13 November, 6.30pm - 7.30pm in the Nirimba Hall. There will also be an opportunity for parents/caregivers to ask questions and seek clarification on any areas pertaining to the HSC. Assessment Information Handbooks will be distributed on this evening.

* NESA HSC requirements = minimum 10 units of study comprised of at least 6 Board Developed Course units.

Year 11 First Aid Course

On the last day of the term Year 11 students have the opportunity to complete the Reviva First Aid certificate. Some VET courses, such as FItness, require students to hold a current First Aid certificate. For these students the completion of the course is compulsory and the cost is included in the subject fee. Being trained in First AId and CPR is mandatory in many workplaces, as it ensures individuals have the skills and knowledge to assist colleagues and community members who may be injured. We encourage all students to complete this course.

Minimum Standards Examinations

The Year 10 students have been completing the minimum HSC Literacy and Numeracy standards. The students have been working hard over the past year to improve their levels and skills. The standard is set at level 3 of the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF), which means students will have the basic reading, writing and maths skills needed for everyday tasks and future learning after school. There have been many of the Year 10 students who have achieved this level three minimum standard. A number of the students have achieved the level four standard. The final testing period for the year is from 5 November to 7 December 2018. The students will be receiving their certificates for achieving these standards.


All parents of students in Years 7 & 9 have now received their NAPLAN reports. Please take the time to read through this report to see how your child is performing in the two key learning areas of literacy and numeracy. These tests provide an important measure of how all students are performing against national standards. NESA have not yet provided schools access to the student achievement data from these tests. Once we are able to access the data, we will work together to analyse it. This important results package gives us important information about how the students at St John Paul II learn and the areas on which we focus more intently to facilitate greater student learning.

Year 7 2019 Technology Information Evening

Last week we welcomed the incoming year 6 cohort and the parents/carers for an information evening clarifying the ways students use technology in high school to support their learning. In 2019, for the first time, students will be invited to use either a Google Chromecast or an iPad to support their in-class and at home learning. The information evening was very well attended, and it was supported by teachers and students who led workshops showing the range of applications for which the technology is used in learning. Many thanks to the teacher and students who presented on the night, and to the families who attended.

2019 Subject Selections

Year 11 2019 Subject Selection Interviews

Year 11 2019 Subject Selection Interviews were held on Friday 7 September. This is a process we commenced last year with the aim of better assisting students to choose a Stage 6 pattern of study that meets their post school goals and caters for their ability and interests. Including parents and caregivers in the conversation reinforces the significance of our educational partnership.


There are still a small number of interviews to take place with students and families who were unable to attend on Friday. Once this process is complete final decisions will be made about which courses will run in 2019. We will meet with students who have selected subjects that we cannot run due to low numbers early next term to discuss alternatives. Once this process is finished students will receive confirmation of the subjects for next year.

Year 9, 2019 Elective Subject Preferences

Students in Year 8 participated in elective subject preference workshops early in the term to help them make the right decisions about the subjects they wished to choose as elective preferences for their Year 9 studies. We had advertised that students would know their subjects on Monday, 24 September, 2019. At this stage, the subject lines, which depend heavily on Year 11 subject lines, staffing and other timetabling information, are still being drafted to ensure the best possible outcomes for as many students as possible. Confirmation on subjects for Year 9, 2019 students, therefore, will not be published until early Term 4.