Year 9 Peer Support Training prepares new campus leaders

peer support 1

On Friday, 19 October, all Year 9 students participated in the peer support training program.

Throughout the day students had numerous opportunities to learn and lead in different group dynamics, various games and leadership activities that will be used in next years peer support program.

Year 9 students also acquired knowledge on their individual strengths and develop connections with teachers and their peers.

The day itself culminated in a super hero runway parade in which each peer support groups worked together in developing a costume for a student with newspaper, sticky tape and the group’s imagination.

It was very clear throughout the day that Year 9 are excited at the opportunity to be leaders for the 2019 at our Schofields Campus and lead Year 7 students as they begin their journey at St John Paul II Catholic College.

The Stage 5 team and staff were delighted with the Year 9 student’s behavior throughout the day and how they conducted themselves in all activities.