Year 12 going the extra mile before the HSC

hsc tutorial 3

Weeks before Year 12 had to sit their first official HSC examination, students and staff together went the extra mile in preparation.

Every year the StJPII staff create a school holidays and after hours study timetable for their HSC students to provide every opportunity possible for additional help and study.

Our Year 12 Modern History students worked on applying their knowledge of the national study Germany and the core topic World War I through different scenarios and games. Students were able to show their understanding and use of terminology at the recent HSC Tutorial.

We also saw a great turn out for the Year 12 General Mathematics students at their HSC Tutorial. The students collaboratively worked on past paper questions in preparation for the HSC exam.

As students now finish the last of their HSC exams, we hope that their preparation paid off as they gave it there best.

Now they can relax and celebrate as high school graduates!

hsc tutorial 2