JUMP on the Year 7 Social Justice train - upcoming projects

social justice

There has been a lot of exciting things happening in Year 7 in terms 3 and 4! Year 7 have formed a social justice committee and have been working on a number of projects throughout semester two. The self nominated group of over 35 students, have been liaising with their Stage Team, St John Paul II Catholic College staff and community members to collect literacy resources for remote Indigenous communities.


The initial project was designed to work under the social justice pillar of ‘Christ: Be not afraid to be people of CHRIST’, given to them from the school framework. The project’s main goal was to provide equal opportunity and aim to close the literacy gap for remote Indigenous communities. The NSW Region, Wilcannia, was chosen as the remote area to be targeted. We are aiming to close the gap by providing a remote community with resources such as magazines, books, cookbooks etc. with the aim of increasing literacy access for Indigenous families. These resources are being donated by Year 7 families and other members of our community wishing to help out.


Julie Waddell, a Jarara Specialist Teacher, along with the Stage 4 Team, have been working with the committee to come up with logistics and timeline of events. Due to the large number of resources collected, the project has now been extended and will go beyond our initial plans. The Wilcannia High School will still receive literacy resources as planned, however we now have an opportunity to expand our opportunity to give.


Julie Waddell has been working with us and we are excited that another opportunity for the committee has come up. Julie has been working at Our Lady of the Rosary at St Mary's. It has been identified there are a number of students who experience hardship and disadvantage in this community. Work has begun on a 'shoe box' project/initiative for Our Lady of the Rosary. The school has noticed that over the Christmas holidays the student reading levels decline and they have been trying to plan a strategy to support this literacy concern. After speaking with contacts at their school, they identified that 'in the holidays, it is important for our students to be reading and retaining their letter/sound knowledge'. With our spare resources, we will be able to supply them with some reading materials to use in the holidays. It will be given to them in some form of a box/bag. Plans are also in the making for students of the social justice committee to meet with students of Our Lady of the Rosary to run a reading workshop as an end of year celebration/handing over of Christmas reading materials.


We are still collecting, so if you come across any reading materials you no longer need, we would love to have them! We also welcome donations of new stationery items such as new colouring books, new pencils/coloured markers/crayons, and new stickers etc. We would love to put some fun in our literacy bags to help spread the Christmas cheer. Books for all ages welcome, however at this stage, resources for Kindergarten to year 2 would be most valuable. There will always be a home for these unwanted books, with future work to possibly to be done for homework club students through liaising with another contact Sister Naomi, a wonderful connection to Baabayan Aunts.

Year 7 Social Justice Committee