Year 11 Modern History

Mayas Garden


Year 11 Modern History students are constantly developing their writing skills, they learnt about Rasputin's role in the Romanov downfall, students then went home over the weekend and wrote a paragraph that explains this. Students emailed their work to their teacher who came to the next lesson with the paragraphs printed on A3, which were displayed around the room. In pairs, students engaged in a gallery walk, in which they read each paragraph and made suggestions for improvement and commendations when they saw something that was impressive. Once the students had completed this activity, they read the feedback and discussed the writing. When they were back at their desks they used the knowledge gained from this activity to effectively develop a clearer thesis than they had used previously. The goal of the students in Modern History is to use descriptive feedback, self reflection and peer feedback to improve their writing. Students continue to complete writing tasks and their teacher and themselves feel extremely positive about their improvements in Semester 1 of stage 6. Students were also accountable to each other as they completed the work at home and submitted it prior to the lesson.