NAPLAN Online 2019

This year for the first time students in Years 7 and 9 will sit the NAPLAN tests online, between Tuesday 14 May and Friday 24 May 2019.  The move to online testing will provide more detailed student data, due to the tailored testing approach. This means students will be asked a set of questions that match their achievement level and the questions they are asked are determined by their demonstrated ability. Tests will be scheduled at St John Paul II in the first week of testing, allowing time for any missed tests to be completed in the second week of testing. The online tests include:

Writing: 42 minutes

Reading: 65 minutes

Conventions of language: 45 minutes

Numeracy: 65 minutes

For the NAPLAN tests each student will need a fully charged device and a set of headphones.

Students will have an opportunity to complete practice online tests in class in the lead up to the online testing.  This will provide students with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with how the online testing works and allow them to seek clarification around any issues.

In Week 9, all students in Years 7 and 9 will complete an online readiness test under exam conditions. This will allow students the opportunity to become familiar with the online test environment. Students have  had the secure NAP Lockdown Browser installed over the past few weeks, preparing their devices for the tests.

Parents may wish to access the Public Demonstration Tests by clicking this link:

These tests should not be a source of concern for students or parents. Please be assured that the teachers are working with your son or  daughter to ensure they are developing the necessary skills to complete these tests successfully.A copy of the NAPLAN Online information for parents and carers is included below and can be accessed at

Further information is available on the CEDP site Information for Parents

If you have any questions about the NAPLAN tests, please contact Ms O’Neill at the College.