Year 7 Chromebook Program

Chromebooks are coming to St John Paul II Catholic College

St John Paul II Catholic College is excited to inform you that in 2019 we will be transitioning Year 7 to a Parent/Caregiver Chromebook Purchase Program. Please note if your son/daughter already has an iPad they will be able to use this in 2019.

During Term 2 of this year 7.06 participated in a trial of Chromebooks that we were fortunate enough to have loaned to the college from the CEDP. Mr Morgan and his class found that the Chromebooks had various benefits over the iPads.

Benefits include:

  • The Chromebooks have a keypad (similar to that of a laptop) which makes it easier for students to type.
  • Google Chrome has been integrated into the teaching and learning programs and activities at the college.
  • Apple products are becoming increasingly more expensive so it is important that we consider the impact of this on cost on families.
  • Battery life of a chromebook is up to 10 hours.

Mr Morgan said the following in regards to the trial

“The Chromebooks were very easy for students to use and it did not take long at all before the students were able to manage the devices effectively. The Chromebooks have a wide range of educational apps that are beneficial for teaching and learning and include google classroom, google docs and book widgets. When beginning class each day students were always asking ‘are we going to be using the Chromebooks today’ in excitement”.

At St John Paul II Catholic College, we value your child’s education and we believe that the 1 to 1 Parent Purchase/Caregiver Chromebook Program will allow your child to develop confidence, creativity and productivity through the use of technology in the classroom that will prepare them for the impacts of technologies in the digital world.

The 1 to 1 program will equip each student with a Chromebook to use at school and at home, enabling students to have 24/7 access to resources and learning materials.

Important Note

Parents with students starting at St John Paul II in 2019 are NOT to purchase a Chromebook before the Technology Information Evening which is being held for new year 7 students on 11th September 2018.


In the instance where you may already own an iPad or Chromebook it is important that you still attend to understand the minimum requirements for the device and the applications as outlined below.

Do you already own an iPad?

iPad’s can be used if they are preowned by the students and meet the 2019 requirements.

iPad minimum standards

Minimum Standards

Below is the required minimum standard for iPads required for the school and CEDP in 2019, unfortunately if your iPad does not meet these requirements you will need to purchase a Chromebook.

  iPad 32Gb Wi-Fi (2017) is the minimum standard iPad that can be used
  iPad Airs are no longer supported
  iPad Mini’s are not allowed


iPad Apps Catalogue

Create an Apple ID for the iPad (students under 13 years must not have their own ID).

In Term 1, 2019 you will be issued with an invoice for a one off payment for year 7 & 8 for Apps. On payment, you will receive a letter with the apps list and redeem codes for you to install the Apps Catalogue.

You will also need to purchase an iPad Cover that must cover the back, front and sides of the iPad. We encourage people to purchase a strong case to protect it from breakages.


In this case please purchase a Chromebook.

You can purchase a Chromebook from one of the following:

Retail Purchase

Direct from a retail outlet

As long as the Chromebook you purchase has the required specs you could try finding the best deals available at retail outlets such as JB HI-Fi, Harvey Norman etc.


LearningTechnologies Portal

LWT (Learning With Technologies) Purchase Portal

The benefit of purchasing from this company is that the Chromebooks are specifically designed for educational purposes.

LWT Purchase Portal


CompNow Portal

Comp Now

This is a chosen/Recommended supplier for the CEDP so you know that they have been given the tick of approval from the Parramatta Diocese.

The benefit of purchasing from this company is that the Chromebooks are specifically designed for educational purposes.

Comp Now Purchase Portal


You will need to purchase a case for your Chromebook to ensure safety of the product. This can be in a form of a sleeve or a hard case that will fit in to the school bag.

Please make sure any ChromeBook that is purchased has a minimum of 4GB of RAM.


Resources for Students

  1 to 1 Stage 4 Student Responsibility Agreement 2019/2020
Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta requires that all technology used within the St John Paul II Catholic College network is enrolled/registered by the ICT Team. This means that in order to access the St John Paul II Catholic College network all students and the parents/caregivers must complete the attached agreement.

  Cyberbullying Classroom Poster
You can’t erase things from the net. Once it’s there, it’s there forever. Don’t do something you’ll regret. A cyberbullying poster with tips for students.

  Cyber Stats Classroom Poster
Some alarming statistics for students in relation to cyberbullying.

  Keep in the Loop
Communication between the parents/caregivers, teachers and students is crucial to the strong sense of community we have within the College. Check out the many ways to ‘keep in the loop’.

  Technology in the Classroom
Technology instruction for student behaviour while in the classroom.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst they will have the potential to use them in all their lessons the intention is that they will be used when it is felt appropriate for the teaching and learning experiences.  Teachers also have a range of on­going training opportunities to ensure that they can make the most of the Chromebooks to enhance learning.

No. The device has to be available exclusively to each child at any point during the school day. As such, students cannot share devices.

The expectation is that all students will charge their device fully overnight and bring it in each day to school. The long battery life of a Chromebook will allow it to be used all day at school without recharging during the day. We will not supply facilities for recharging.

No. The benefits of a tool like this in a school situation can only be achieved if all students use the chosen device. Our curriculum will be developed around the use of this technology.

Chromebooks will replace bookwork in some instances, however, the importance of handwriting skills is still relevant and therefore students will still complete some tasks or aspects of their work in books. Students may need fewer books dependent on use.

St John Paul II Catholic College is aware that the successful implementation of the devices will depend to a large extent on how comfortable teachers feel in using the device. As such we are committed to ensuring that all Year 7 staff have adequate, appropriate and on­going training in the use of the Chromebook to enhance learning and creativity in the classroom.

It is important that you protect the Chromebook so purchasing a good quality case is highly recommended.

Students are not allowed to listen to music during class time unless a teacher has given permission.