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Captivate shines during spectacular showcase performance!

Synopsis for Captivate shines during spectacular showcase performance

Happy Father's Day!!!

(Photos are from the Father's Day Stall held at recess and lunch on Friday 31 August. All proceeds went to Vinnies Australia)

Learning Enrichment: CLUBS!! (Week 1)

Thursday 30 August, marked our first week of LENR CLUBS!! It was wonderful seeing such a diverse learning environment with students trying new things or furthering their interest in an activity they already love.

Father's Day Liturgy

​On Thursday 20 August, we had our Father’s Day Liturgy - a chance to celebrate not only our own fathers (or father figures), but our Heavenly Father as well.

Confirmation: School Based Sacramental Program

On Tuesday 28 August at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church Quakers Hill Schofields, the following students made their Confirmation. These students completed their preparation at school during Learning Enrichment over the last month as part of our School Based Sacramental Program.

HSC Art Showcase 2018

Thank you to all the guests who attended our 2018 HSC Art Showcase on Tuesday 28 August! It was such a lovely way to show appreciation for the hard work our Stage 6 students have put into their creative projects this year.

Year 9's SOUP DRIVE for the Farmers

On Tuesday 28 August, Year 9 Agriculture and Year 9 Food Technology worked together to raise money for the farmers in drought. The Agriculture class grew and harvested the ingredients, and then those studying Food Technology cooked up a storm this morning, creating two yummy soups for us all to enjoy - Pumpkin and Veggie Noodle.

Captivate 2018

The students pictured successfully auditioned and performed in front of a full audience at the Quay Centre (Homebush) over two evenings for CAPTIVATE! Our performers from Year 7 to Year 11 are to be commended for their behaviour, leadership, and commitment to the Creative Arts.

Jonny Shannon visits StJPII

​On Thursday 23 August, Year 10 and 11 were lucky enough to hear from guest speaker Jonny Shannon, who spoke of his time in high school, the trials he faced, and the goals he set to bring him to where he is today.

Arndell Anglican College's Interschool Equestrian competition

Maddison Cauchi (Year 8) and Kaylee Vanwidjgaarden (Year 12) competed at Arndell Anglican College's Interschool Equestrian competition on Saturday 18 August.