Education Perfect

Education Perfect


Education Perfect hosted their annual Languages Competition last term. The competition is designed to help boost students' learning journey, engage with the curriculum-aligned content and motivate them to compete on an international level.



Students at StJPII answered over 80,000 questions and spent over 170 hours on EP which is a fantastic achievement! Overall, we came 8th for Italian in NSW out of 196 schools and for the first time we had two students receive an Elite Award.




It was also great to see students using Education Perfect to learn other languages other than Italian

These languages included: French🇫🇷,German🇩🇪, Spanish🇪🇸 and Malaysian🇲🇾


The following students received a certificate and voucher for their outstanding efforts, CONGRATULAZIONI🇮🇹👏👏

Elite - Adam Kuziak 8.06 

Elite - Jamie Lavender 9.07 

Bronze - Ashley Dias 10.02 

Bronze - Chaitalee Gupta 9.01 

Bronze - Jaireet Panesar 8.04 

Bronze - Paige Kennerley 8.04 

Credit - Andrea Clouston 8.04

Credit - Freena Rabadia 7.02

Credit - Jaskaran Singh 8.06

Credit - Katie Denham 7.01

IMG_3093 IMG_3118

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